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Water Slides

Looking for a refreshing hot summer day activity? If so, drive on over to Moonbeam`s Twin Lakes Camping. This northern rv resort features sandy beaches,  a 220 foot water slide, three small water slides and three playgrounds to keep the kids entertained.

A fun water activity day might be just what the doctor ordered for the kids to have a great time and for the parents to relax in the sunshine or in the shade.

Twin Lakes Camping is a man made rv resort located in the wildnerness of northern Ontario for the best of both worlds. The sand is soft, there are no weeds or bloodsuckers and the waterslides are ready to add even more thrills and refreshment to your summer getaway.

Daily admission fees to the park are $4 per child and $5 per adult. As for getting into the waterslides, the price is an additional $5 per person.

Open daily from 2pm to 4pm.

Get more information about day passes to Twin Lakes Camping here.

Water Slides Rules

  1. It needs to be 20º celcius or more
  2. If there is Lightning the Water Slide will be closed

Your Child must measure at least 51 inch (4’3″)

At least 10 Sliders has to register at the office for the slides to open

Water Slide Access

  • Lots of fun