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All Seasonal Lots have treated water (you can drink it), electricity and sewers.

  1. Seasonal fee must be paid by May 1st.  -A one time $200.00 security deposit is required by all occupants before the first season (refundable {minus outstanding charges} when seasonal contract is not renewed.)
  1. Electricity will be charged three times during the season with a service charge added each time. All Hydro One charges including but not limited to Kilowatt Hours used, delivery charges, regulatory charges, debt retirement charges and rentals will be passed on to the occupant. Billing is at end of June, July and September 16th, invoices must be picked up at the office during the summer months and must be paid within 30 days.  An invoice left unpaid @ the end of the season will cause your $200.00 deposit to increase.
  2. Nothing can be built against your Rv.
    • only purchased add-a-room or gazebos’s are permitted
    • written permission from management is required before any work is started.
    • maximum width of a deck is 12 ft., cannot be attached to trailer, cannot impede the expeditious vacationing of the site and removal of the occupant’s property & belongings.
    • all storage sheds must be single story with maximum 8 ft. walls, maximum 100 sq. ft.
  1. Your visitors must register & pay admission at office if they wish to visit before 4:30pm.  After 4:30 pm:  Occupants may invite (at no charge) visitors for supper or the evening by putting their name on the visitors list at the front office.  Visitors must not arrive before 4:30 pm and must leave by quiet time 11:00pm. Note that your visitors must always wear their daily visitor bracelet.  If visitors stay the night a $10.00 per person fee will apply. If your visitor does not pay his overnight fee, you, the occupant will be charged for the amount due.  Anyone who wants access to the park regularly should get a season pass @ $90.00/person/season.
  2. Occupants are responsible to keep their lot clean and grass cut.  Grass shall not be more than 5 inches long. If management must do it, occupants will be charged $35.00 each time. Staffs are not responsible for any damages on campsite while cutting the grass.
  3. ATV’s, etc. are not allowed on park property except for designated parking area.
  4. Bicycles, skateboards, etc are not allowed on sidewalks and at the beaches.  Bicycles use stands provided in public areas.
  5. Pets must be leashed at all times, and are not allowed in the water, at beaches and picnic areas, at playgrounds and on sidewalks.
  6. No lifeguards on duty.  No Diving; Use of beaches at your own risk.
  7. Please use minimal toilet paper. No sanitary products or wipes should be put into the septic system, please advise your visitors.
  8. Do not let your flexible sewer discharge hose extend to the bottom of our sewer stand pipes (it blocks sewage flow from adjacent lots)  If a blockage occurs and digging is necessary, it will be at the expense of the occupant.
  9. WIFI / INTERNET SANS FIL:  $10.00 per weekend / fin de semaine, $125.00 per season / saison
  10. DAILY PASS / PASSE DE JOUR : Adults / Adultes $5.00  – Kids / enfants (12 years & less, 12 ans et moins) $4.00 Watch for children and pedestrians, they have the right of way.
  11. SEASON PASS /  PASSE DE SAISON : $90.00 per person / par personne.   $275.00 per family / par famille (2 adults and 4 kids max.)
  12. Gate Tokens  are for your registered vehicles only.  Any token used by anyone else will be de-activated.
  13. Speed in Park is 15 kms max.(it is monitored and enforced)  Anyone caught speeding will be evicted or will have to park the vehicle  outside the gates and walk in, a $50.00 fine may also apply.
  14. Any soap and shampoo used must be biodegradable and phosphate free.