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Want to go camping with the family this summer? If so, Twin Lakes Camping is an rv park with 252 lots for rv`s, camper trailers, tents plus many facilities available for the comforts of home and the fun of a holiday. You won`t have to rough it too much at this campground. Laudromats, comfort stations, outdoor flush toilets, change rooms, wifi access and chipstand are some of the elements that will allow you to have a pleasurable stay at Twin Lakes Campground.

Features of the RV Campground:

Utilities: Every rv camping lot comes equipped with 30 amp electricity, water and sewage hook up. If you decide to stay at Twin Lakes on a seasonal lot for the whole summer, you won`t need a honeywagon since sewage hookup is direct.

Clean & Tidy: Twin Lakes Camping prides itself on cleanliness and neatness. You won`t readily find so much as a stray can or plastic bag astray at this campground. The staff at this campground are always looking out to ensure the tidiness of all sections of the campground to ensure maximum enjoyment of this natural resort.

Large Sites: For a campground, Twin Lakes features large camping sites to make sure everyone has plenty of private area in their natural campsite. There is plenty of room for all types and lengths of RV`s. You won`t be squished right up to your neighbours at Twin Lakes and will feel like you are in your own little world in nature on your campsite.

Manicured Grounds: The grass is green, the lake is tropical blue and the walking trails are bricked to allow for comfortable, leisurely walking.  There are beautiful neatly manicured flower beds and even the wild flowers look their best at this resort. Even the beaches are devoid of any blemishes and look inviting and soothing.

Spring Fed Lakes: The water is pure and inviting at Twin Lakes. Whether you want to go for a dip in the lake, a pedal boat ride across the lake and under the bridge or a kayak tour around the lakes, the lakes are there for your enjoyment. With a maximum depth of 40 feet at the center, the beaches go deeper gradually to allow for safe and leisurely swimming. If you are lucky enough to snag a seasonal campsite on the water, you can even build your own dock on Twin Lakes.